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Tiger Shark Nutcracker Gift Set

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Tiger Shark Nutcracker Gift Set           $225.00

    • Includes 1-pound bag of Mac nuts-in-shell

    • Handcrafted box in beautiful Hawaiian Koa or Mango

    • Rustproof stainless-steel nutcracker 

    • Ideal for Macadamias and other popular nuts

    • Wavy-Edge Hawaiian Koa Box for nut shells

    • Made in USA

    • Left- or right-handed nutcrackers available

    • Limited supply of Tiger Shark nutcrackers

Choose left or right hand version.
Choose which wood for the box.

Deluxe Gift Set


Our deluxe nut cracker and eleven (11) pounds of in shell macadamia nuts.
1 × Eleven Pounds In Shell Macadamia Nuts

Weight: 14 lb
Eleven Pounds In Shell Macadamia Nuts

Gift Set - Mac Nuts and Nut Cracker


Starter gift set with one pound of macadamia nuts and our Crack-A-Mac nutcracker.

Weight: 1 lb
1 × One Pounds In Shell Mac Nuts
Crack-A-Mac Nutcracker
One Pounds In Shell Mac Nuts