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Tiger Shark Nutcracker


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Tiger Shark Nutcracker          $215.00


    • Handcrafted box in beautiful Hawaiian Koa or Mango

    • Rustproof stainless-steel nutcracker 

    • Ideal for Macadamias and other popular nuts

    • Wavy-Edge Hawaiian Koa Box for nut shells

    • Made in USA

    • Left- or right-handed nutcrackers available

    • Limited supply of Tiger Shark nutcrackers

    • Decorative box joints fortify each box corner


Overall dimensions: 5 ½” h x 6 ½” w x 11 ½” l


Feed the shark a Mac nut

Call it functional art, or a coffee table conversation piece. This novel Tiger Shark Nutcracker, mounted in a wavy-edge box of beautiful Hawaiian Koa, adds a level of fun to cracking the Macadamia, the world’s hardest nut. (Note: It also excels at cracking other nuts both large and small.) Just place the nut in the shark’s jaws, pull the cam-action handle, hear the bone-crushing crack, and enjoy the resulting heart-healthy treat.


Designed and built by Big Island woodworker Jim Harrold, the Tiger Shark Nutcracker brings together three signature elements of the Hawaiian Islands—beloved Macadamia nuts, rare native Koa wood, and the awe-inspiring and always hungry tiger shark. 


Whether as a unique gift item to a special person or for family use, you’ll enjoy having this handsome, durable nutcracker around to amuse all who see it in action. 

Weight: 17 lb
Choose left or right hand version.
Choose which wood for the box.